Frequently Asked Questions

Are any of the pictures for sale?

No. does not sell any of the images.

Is any of the memorabilia for sale?

No. does not sell any of the memorabilia.

Is there a museum or place where I can see all of these items in person?

The pictures and memorabilia are only viewable at

Is this a history of every concert in Houston?

No. This is just my personal archive. While it is fairly comprehensive it is not intended to be a history of every concert in Houston.

How come you don’t have anything on a certain performer or from a certain concert?

Good question. Either I did not go to the show, I did not like the band enough to see them, I had a scheduling conflict or I just wanted to watch.   Of course, sometimes photographers simply were not allowed. I should add that in the course of assembling this website I realized that I did not keep all of my negatives as a good handful of images from the late 1970's no longer exist.

Why do you have so many pictures of some performers and so few of others?

Another good question. Chalk it up to personal bias. I preferred to shoot flashier bands - ones that put on a show – as opposed to those that just stood there. I also tended to shoot bands that I liked far more often that those that I did not care for: British always won out over Southern! I always found it a challenge to shoot bands that I considered to be faceless or boring live.

Are you going to post everything you have?

No. Isn’t this enough?

How come you don't have exact dates or venues for each concert.

I did not record the dates of some of the earlier concerts the same way that I did in later years. While I have tried my best to be as accurate as possible with the dates and venues, I cannot guarantee that they are all correct.

Why are there images from cities other than Houston?

Some shows did not play Houston while others were just so good or so much fun that I shot them in multiple venues on a given tour.

Why did you create this website?

I realized that I had amassed quite a collection of concert images that had never seen the light of day and that it would be a shame for them to remain in the dark. I thought that a website would serve as a permanent massive photo exhibition.  I also wanted to pay tribute to some of my photographer friends who had passed away by including some of their work. 

What’s the deal with the watermark? It sure messes up the picture!

Yes, it does. It also makes it harder for others to copy / reproduce / market the image. Sorry about that.

Is there a way that I can view the original image without the watermark?

Sorry, no.

I cannot right click and save the image on my computer even though I promise that I will not do anything with the image.

Sorry, right clicking is not allowed.

Can I take a screen shot of the image and remove the watermark?

That would be in violation of the terms of use of the website and other applicable rules.

I had my picture taken backstage at a concert many years ago and cannot find it. Is it possible that you might have been the photographer?

It is possible. Contact me with more details and I can look through my files.

Some of the images on your wesbite are identical to slides / negatives that I purchased: what’s the deal with that?

Some of the images of Larry Lent and James Townsend have been conveyed / sold to third parties who have, in turn, sold and auctioned them to other parties. was involved in the original conveyances from their estates and was allowed to retain images in their memory. respects the intellectual property of others. If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, then please contact Please see the “About the collection” information beforehand.

I have some pictures from concerts that I would like to add to your website – would you be interested?

Thank you, but no. This website is devoted to my images, images from my collection and pictures that were shot by my friends who have passed away.

I have some memorabilia from concerts that I would like to add to your website – would you be interested?

Perhaps. Contact me with more details.

I think you have made a mistake in the date or venue of a given show. Can I send you the correct information?

By all means, yes! While I have spent dozens of hours double checking dates and venues (especially on the 1960’s and 1970’s part of the collection), I was unable to accurately recall / identify everything – especially opening acts and club names. If you spot a mistake, then please let me know.

What is the breakdown between your work and the work of other photographers?

Almost all of the photographs from 1965 to 1974 were shot by Larry Lent. The images of the Beatles 1965 and Rolling Stones 1966 are images from my collection. The images from 1974 to 1979 are a tossed salad of mainly Bruce Kessler’s work along with a smattering of images by Larry Lent and some of James Townshend’s pictures of Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull and the Rolling Stones. From 1979 onwards, the work is almost exclusively that of Bruce Kessler with a few of Larry Lent’s images once in a while through the mid 80’s.